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Anonymous asked:

hey don't take this in a bad way and I'm sorry if it sounds mean, but I'm really curious... in that picture you posted that was for an artbook or something? what is happening in that picture?


oh, yeah, don’t worry—it’s my submission for the artbook s, and worry not, it got rejected. i pushed myself too hard and ended up making something that didn’t make sense. i poured a lot into it, but it was a complete hit and a miss!

i was to illustrate the word “solitary” (which i chose myself! it was the first thing i thought of and i stuck with it; at the time i was pushing it close to the deadline) so there’s a lot of symbolism shoved into it

you can see i sectioned the piece off into 3 sections:

although they’re all in the same room, they are all very clearly in their own version of solitary confinement. sam is technically alone, but being baited by the hallucination of lucifer. dean is alone with his back to the others (with the insinuation that he trusts not even the closest companions he has), and cas is alone (holding a bible) in a position of doubt in mistrust.

they’re in the panic room, as that’s where the boys get sent when they needed time alone. hope that clears it up!

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